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Florida Veterinary Hospital, West Rand, has an extensive ih-house labaratory which enables our veterinarians to do any routine blood, urine or stool tests that your family pet may require. As our veterinarians will have the results of these labaratory tests within minutes, you can rest assured that your pet will go home with the correct diagnosis and treatment. In addition to our own in-house laboratory, we have backup from specialised veterinary laboratories for the more complex diagnostic tests such as hormonal assays, biopsy analyses and DNA tests. As your family pet gets older we recommend a 'mini blood panel' test before your animal has anaesthesia for any surgical operation.



Aquatic vet examines sick koi fish


Our pets teeth are often overlooked and are a major source of worry and pain. Symptoms of gingivitis or dental disease include excessive drooling, halitosis, discolouration of the teeth, bleeding gums, and reluctance to eat hard dog food. Furthermore, bacteria and toxins can invade the system and cause damage to vital organs such as the heart and liver. Our sophisticated dental equipment allows us to tackle any problems easily and do routine scale and polish treatments effectively. Florida Veterinary Hospital is also equipped with a dental xray system which allows us to accurately determine the scope of any dental problems which may be present.





Florida Veterinary Hospital utilises a modern digital x-ray machine can take radiographs of patient of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest. The digital x-ray system allows the images to be viewed on computer instantaneously and is invaluable in diagnosing a wide range of internal problems.



Ultrasonography is a painless diagnostic tool especially good for soft tissue structures such as abdomens, and complements radiology well. It is particularly useful during pregnancy to assess foetal size and viability. Many families already have a pre-birth scan photo of their pet for the album !!!



Aquatic vet examines sick koi fish

Our well equipped theatres provide sterile conditions for all types of surgery, from routine sterilisations to complicated orthopaedic procedures. Other specialised surgeries, such as spinal operations, are referred to nearby veterinary specialist hospital facilities.



Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Techniques


MRI and CT scans are available via specialist veterinary collegues and are arranged at the Wilge Heuwel and Olivedale human hospitals.




Florida Veterinary Hospital utilises Isofluorane gas for all anaesthetic procedures. The benefit of this particular gas is that it provides a safer and more cost effective option for surgeries, thus minimising any risk of complications.


Puppy Socialising Classes

We have formed an association with Penny from The Dog Training Academy and now offer New Puppy Classes on Saturday mornings at the practice under the guidance of a fully qualified trainer. Here the aim is not to teach advanced dog training but more to introduce basic puppy social skills to allow the pup to integrate better with his new family that may already contain other dogs, cats,and children all of whom he needs to get on with. You will learn basic techniques to care for and handle your pup which will make it all a lot more rewarding. As with all relationships , the more you put in, the more rewards you will reap. Come and watch the pups [and their owners ] having great fun together and learning in the process. Contact reception for details or visit for more information.


House Calls

Because our hospital has everything under one roof, we prefer to see patients at the hospital but special arrangements can be made for house calls. Please call first to see if an appointment can be made.



Our grooming department has 2 fully qualified groomers who are experienced in all dog breeds and cats. Difficult dogs and cats can be sedated under veterinary supervision for grooming and bathing.

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